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Students don’t want to publicly admit when they are confused, which means that teachers don’t have a reliable means to determine their class’s understanding until it’s too late. clicked removes the participation barrier through anonymous feedback, enabling teachers to both revisit what was misunderstood in real-time and to follow up with students after class on questions that remain unresolved.

Submit Feedback

Students can comfortably alert their teachers when they are confused through private questions.

Read the Class

Teachers can now reliably know if their students are confused while they are teaching.

Review Unresolved Questions

After class, teachers can review questions that remain unresolved and follow up with students.

Hi-Fi Video

Concept Video

Medium-Fi Prototype


We interviewed users across the education domain to find what problems mattered to them most. We then broke those interviews down into Empathy Maps to tease out any contradictions or other interesting discoveries.

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POVs and Experience Prototypes

We turned our user interviews into several compelling Points of View that we used to brainstorm several solutions. We then developed an experience prototype for each solution and tested them with our target users.

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Concept Video

Based on the results of our user tests, we picked our favorite solution and settled on our three main user tasks. We then storyboarded and filmed a video explaining the concept of clicked with a minimal focus on UI.

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Low-Fidelity Prototype

We then began to sketch and storyboard what the app would look like and how it would work. We developed a prototype of the app out of paper and tested the clarity of our task flows with target users.

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Medium-Fidelity Prototype

Based on the results of the Low-Fi tests, we updated our task flows and design. We then built a new, interactive prototype using Sketch and Marvel that focused more on the clarity and the aesthetics of the UI.

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Heuristic Evaluation

A group of our classmates then reviewed our Medium-Fi prototype, looking for usability errors based on the second version of Jakob Nielsen’s ten heuristics.

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High-Fidelity Prototype

Our High-Fi prototype, as an ipa file available for download (we'll update this once we're approved in the real app store!)

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Instructions README


A final poster outlining the design process and commentary on our high-fidelity prototype.

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Project Recap

A brief summary of our work in CS147

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Lab Usability Study

Conducted live study in a classroom of ~20 students

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Business Model

Who we work with, how we make money, and what value we provide to our customers and partners

Business Model Canvas

High-Fidelity Prototype #2

Further development, refining mobile design and starting to add web interface for teachers

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Field Usability Study

Two further studies in two different schools, getting feedback on task interaction and design for mobile and web prototypes.

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High-Fidelity Prototype #3

Cleaning up mobile and web interfaces in ways requested by teachers and student, adding functionality to web so that can stand alone, without mobile app.

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Teacher Website

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High-Fidelity Video Prototype

We storyboarded and filmed our final Hi-Fi being used in the classroom environment.

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Final Poster and Writeup

Our final poster and in-depth writeup are available below. The README describes limitations and a few things about how to use the app (ipa available above)

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Meet The Team

Krister Johnson

iOS Development

Jake McKinnon

Web Development

Arshin Jain

iOS Dev + UI/UX Design

Gordon Dean

Product Management

Tyler Sorensen

Community Outreach